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Flash Fiction

52 under 52 - every Monday on the blog of this website

A Trojan Gift - Toasted Cheese 19:4 (Dec).

Four Items – Reflex Fiction

Breathing Space – 50-Word Stories

Idylls of the Queen – Yellow Mama (2020 Valentine’s Issue)

Glitter in the Dark - Yellow Mama (2019 Christmas Issue)

La Mère Mauvaise - Yellow Mama (April 2020 issue)

A Seashell Full of Grandkids - The Scottish Book Trust May 2020

Short Stories

Journey to the Kagayaku Smile – Scarlet Review (Jan 2020)

Blether – Scottish Book Trust (online) - also selected for print and audio

Clutching at the Last Straw - Writers Resist (Issue 104: 20 Feb 2020)

The Legend of Rungholt - Vol 1, No #4 (Winter 2019) The Magazine of History and Fiction

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